e-therapy - case study

e-therapy is a web platform and a mobile app offering anonymous virtual therapy with professional therapists.
It is affordable and accessible alternative to traditional therapy with effective tools available 24/7.


Mental Health issues grow tremendously among Polish people. Rapports inform about 25% of population have experienced some kind of mental disorder. There is growing tendency which is coordinated with social and economical changes, lifestyle, stress, competition and unemployment. Billions of Polish people are addicted, mainly to alcohol. 2-3 billions suffers from recurring anxiety an about 1 billion is depressed.

Statistics about mental health issues and addiction problems are alarming. The numbers are growing and there is no sufficient medical help available.
There is no serious free mental help and waiting for a meeting with therapist lasts at least 6 months. A lot of people cannot afford regular therapy, which costs at least 100PLN for a single 1 hour meeting. Lots of people also don't have time for therapy or are ashamed of their problems and cannot imagine meeting face to face with a psychologist to open up and try to overcome their issues.

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